Sunday, February 23, 2014

Win a $100 gift card!

Announcing the ILLINOIS YOUTH ART MONTH Bulletin Board/Window Display Contest!
Governor Quinn has proclaimed March 2014 is Youth Art Month in Illinois. 
Now, here is a challenge for YOU, our VERY CREATIVE IAEA members! Send us a digital photo of a bulletin board and/or a wall or window display you decorate by March 15th that promotes Youth Art Month and we will send you a prize. The top winner will receive a $100 gift card to purchase items for their classroom.


-The bulletin board/window display must say March is Youth Art Month somewhere in the design and YOUTH ART MONTH should be emphasized. It would be great if you also could tie in this year's theme: Illinois Illusions--Past, Present & Future.
-You must send your digital photo(s) of your display by March 15th, via email to
-The bulletin board or window display may be located in a school, library, place of business, community center, place of worship or perhaps other locations. Let me know where your display is located!
-You may enter more than once if you have more than one display.
-If you don't have time...your bulletin board/window display can be created by ANYONE...parent volunteers, a professional, a store owner or students!
-If you don't make the deadline, you won't have a chance to win the big prize but you will still receive a smaller prize. We will accept your photos all month long!
Email entries with location of display and your address to

Let's show our state how important art is for every child in Illinois. 


We look forward to seeing some AWESOME displays!

Contact Judy Krueger at if you have any questions. 

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