Saturday, February 22, 2014

We need Senators, Representatives, Superintendents, Principals, endorse Youth Art Month!

Print out this endorsement or email a copy to your legislators and school administrators and ask them to sign it. Email us at and let us know the names of those who are endorsing Youth Art Month in Illinois. We will post the names of all those who sign endorsements on this blog. If you get an email back from an official, forward it to

To easily email this endorsement's text through an email form, copy and paste the text below. Most officials have emails these days and many have online email forms on their websites. We have had great responses from those we have emailed.

Governor Quinn has proclaimed March 2014 is Youth Art Month.  I would be honored if you would endorse the ideals listed below. If you can agree with the following, please email me back with your support, and you will be listed on the Illinois Art Education Association Youth Art Month blog along with other mayors, village presidents (etc.) who endorse March as Youth Art Month. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Whereas, art  education is a viable academic endeavor and contributes educational benefits to all elementary and secondary students including the following:
Art education develops students’ creative problem-­solving and critical thinking abilities;
Art education teaches sensitivity to beauty, order, and other
expressive qualities;
Art education gives students a deeper understanding
of multicultural values and beliefs;
Art education reinforces and brings to life what students learn in other subjects;
Art education interrelates student learning in art production, art  history,  art  criticism and aesthetics and
Whereas our  national leaders have acknowledged the necessity of including arts experiences in all student’s education,

And, whereas MARCH is officially recognized as
Youth Art Month, I endorse the observance of Youth
Art Month and encourage the support of quality school art programs for children and youth.

Signed ________________________________________________
Position ___________________________________________________
Date ______________________________________

Look who is endorsing Youth Art Month in Illinois...

Anne Sautman, Director of Education at Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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