Saturday, February 22, 2014

Has your Mayor or Village President signed a Youth Art Month proclamation? Just ask!

Governor Pat Quinn proclaims March is Youth Art Month in Illinois.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaims March is Youth Art Month in Chicago.  Ask your mayor or village president to sign a proclamation. Then send us a copy at so it can be posted here. Here is the copy you can email your mayor with your request. 

Youth Art Month Proclamation

WHEREAS, art education contributes powerful educational benefits to all elementary, middle, and secondary students including the following;
Art education develops students' creative problem-solving and
critical thinking abilities;
Art education teaches sensitivity to beauty, order,
and other expressive qualities; Art education gives students a deeper understanding of multi-cultural values and beliefs; Art education reinforces and brings to life what students learn in other subjects; and Art education interrelates student learning in art productions, art history,
art criticism, and aesthetics, and
WHEREAS our national leaders have acknowledged the necessity of including arts experiences in all students’ education,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that support should be given to
art teachers as they attempt to strengthen art education
in their schools and communities,
NOW, THEREFORE, it is proclaimed that March be observed as
All citizens are urged to take interest in and give full support to quality school art programs for children and youth.
NOW, THEREFORE, I __________________________,
Mayor of _______________________________
do hereby proclaim March 2014 as

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